Hmm, I wonder what it will be like

Back before the crash, before CSE, and even before I worked in Public Works, I worked at Nortel.  When I was hired, I was hired into the research arm, Bell-Northern Research (or BNR).  The military bought the Carling campus, for $800 Million.  I’ve got plenty of memories survived the crash, of the various buildings that I worked in.  I was outsourced, to PwC, for a few years, then rehired when they realized that that wasn’t the brightest of decisions.  I learned that while my paycheque said that I worked for them, I wasn’t invited to, or able to go to, any event of theirs.  I was a PwC employee – sort of.  I remember feeling without a home, because Nortel threw me out, and who took me in, didn’t.

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