Harry may have hired me, Joe Zawadka got me started in the work-world

When I saw this comic, it brought me back to the day that I first started my first full-time job.  I was on contract, but while both Harry (Schlange, my direct manager), and Arnold (Johnston, my C-Level manager) showed me a whole lot about what upper-management can do, it was Joe (Zawadka) who really got me started.   My desk was kitty-corner to his.   Yes, I knew what a mouse was, and didn’t talk into it, but what he showed/taught me about group dynamics, from the basics of receiving a purchase requisition up, issuing a purchase order, and any/all follow up was more awesome than words can describe.   It was an excellent trade-off, what I’d received business knowledge-wise I reciprocated with tech-knowledge about computers, and helped with any/all challenges.

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