We’re adjusting to our new normal

She’s been to the top of the world, done a whole lot of things that are mind-boggling, but when a skier slammed into her in Gatineau Park while cross-country skiing, her world changed.   Her injury was pretty much the epitome of invisibility, because unless you know, you’d never know what she’d suffered.
She didn’t know what to do, and wasn’t given proper guidance, so she went on a boat on the Drake Passage, home to some of the largest waves in the world.  The waves were immense, people were thrown everywhere, and because she hadn’t received proper guidance, her invisible injury was made worse.
Last summer she was still vomiting frequently.  She’s an “invisible sufferer”, because unless you know, you’d have absolutely no idea of what she suffers, and if she makes a mistake because of it, she might be blamed for inattentiveness.

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