Its all about perspective

This morning, I had a realization.  Yes, I can’t walk as I used to, I have challenges to remember what I’d had for breakfast yesterday, I can’t ride a conventional bicycle, but let’s look at stuff.   I have a tricycle, that’s helps me to go wicked-fast.  The support-group ROSSS has a bi-weekly van that takes disadvantaged people to the grocery store.  They arrived at about 9:30 to pick me up.  One of the staff helped me into the van, the second took my walker to the back of it, and the third drove.   At the store, I’d wanted to get something, but couldn’t find it.  Assistant #1, who helped me into the van, asked me what it was that I’d wanted.  I described it, she said that she knew where it was, and went to get it for me.  When done, they took the cart from me, and loaded everything in the van.  When they dropped me off at the house, all three of them helped to carry the stuff into the hallway.   Everything that they do on the ride is paid for by the community association, so all that I needed to do is say thank you.

Yes, it sucks what happened, but the lemonade I’m making from the lemons is mighty sweet, and then some.

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