Gotta say, the disability-showers at the Gananoque town dock ain’t too bad

I’ve said it before, that I’m seeing the lemonade from being disabled, and when I was in Gananoque for the week, I found something awesome.  I rode with my Janet, my step-sister, and after our rides, I had a shower at the town-dock.

They have the showers displayed to the right, available to the public.  This is the public shower, for everyone.

The shower door is roughly 4 feet wide.  There’s a bench, about 3′ long, and 1.5 feet wide.  To get into the shower, you need to step over a raise in the floor (about 3″ high), and close the door.  There aren’t any handles, and the only thing to hold shampoo/soap is off the shower-head, it’s not stable, and things easily fall off.
Now, let’s look at the shower for disabled, or families.
Two doors to the left is their access-shower.  It’s about 15′ wide, by 11′ deep.  There’s no step to get into the shower, there are multiple handles, the bench is 5′ long, by the same 1.5′ wide.  The curtain is made up of two, one on either side, and to the floor.

It’s got space, it was designed for accessibility, and the ability for parent to be with their kids, without being crowded.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  Yes, the lemons that I got served kinda sucked, but by making the choice to make lemonade from it, on the whole, it ain’t that bad.

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