Driving wasn’t a choice for me, but it it can be for others

For me, driving wasn’t a choice, because of my eyes, but for others, it could be a choice. I don’t think about it, anymore. It bugged me, a lot, for a few years. I’d put a lot of “personal value” on it, mainly because of my loss of personal-independence. I’d lost a lot, I always looked at the bad-side, but after a while, I stopped worrying about it. And, thanks to organizations like ROSSS, who provide transportation services to the disabled, I’m far more mobile than I’d imagined. Put it this way, if your car isn’t available, you can’t go anywhere. For me, if Person #1’s car isn’t available, there are 5 other staff-drivers, and a whole lot of volunteers. Basically, I’m far more able to go somewhere than I used to be, by a whole lot.


With me, it’s because of my eyes. I see double, all the time. I was given prism glasses, because they’ve shown to help, but I don’t see any difference.

However, in the very-early days, 3D glasses didn’t work, so going to a 3D movie was expensive, and mostly-pointless. I guess that my eyes are getting better, marginally, because way back when the movie was simply too much information, so I wore an eyepatch to the movies. Now, while I still see double, it’s easier to ignore one of the images, so while it’s not perfect, at least I see it somewhat-3D.
So, while it’s not perfect, it’s not a complete waste of money.

Read The Citizen article that got me thinking of this.

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