Is it a physio place, a pool, or both?

Liquid Gym isn’t like what’s immediately thought of when you hear “physiotherapy.” What’s thought of are things like guided exercises, and ways to use your body to help heal what happened to you. If you’re like me, you’d have never thought of being in the water as being beneficial in that respect, let alone excellent. I started going about a year ago, and immediately saw its benefits. Its mission is “To change the way the world thinks about rehab and fitness”, and they accomplish it by making it fun. It’s not all jokes, nor is it playtime, but it’s never boring, and it’s always a good time.

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It began on November 6, 2013, opened by Karen Snyder and Irene Hammerich. This is everyone!
Karen Snyder
Irene Hammerich
The staff!
Sébastien Beaulieu
Dominique Comeau
Martine Giroux
Lindsay Jonkman
Judith Lambert
Ashley Dang-Vu
Vicki Wong
Susan Yungblut