Today’s a new day for my posts!

Donna said something yesterday, that kinda made me <sigh>.  She’d said that I should do blog-posts, as opposed to simply posting on Facebook, because they’re basically the same thing, but the blog is the “best place” to write them.  The reason that I’d sigh’d was that it wasn’t the first time she’d said that.

This morning I remembered that, and made the decision that that will be the last time that she asks me that.  I’m going to write here, on BrainSTRONG’s blog, and circulate it.  I’m not sure what I’ll write, but I’m thinking, and I never actually-planned my social media posts, so the only difference is that it’ll be on the blog (first) and then circulated.  However, it’ll be superior because with an auto-posting plug-in, it’ll distribute pretty much everywhere, right away!

What is a concussion?

As Will Smith made evident, concussions are more than a "bump on the head", way more.  What's also unusual is that a concussion can be received with impact to another part of the body, not even the head.  What's also unusual is that a concussion can be received with impact to another part of the body, not even the head.
If you're hit on your body somewhere, that makes your head move, sharply, to one side and then back, your brain hits your skull, and it's like hitting your head with a hammer.
If your kid is hit on the head by the ball in the game, and gets a big bump, it's more often than not simply a visible injury, and not a concussion. However, make sure that you pay attention to your kid, periodically ask them random questions that take a moment to think, and make sure they're alert.
Make sure that you take your kid to see a doctor if they show:
• Persistent or worsening headache• Imbalance
• Vomiting• Memory loss or confusion
• Mood changes, such as irritability
Signs and symptoms may not be noticeable right away,
but if your headaches, dizziness, confusion, and nausea persists,
you should see a doctor.

ABI Top New Year’s Resolutions

Oh man, this year is going to be better than awesome! That’s because the “Beware Brain Bang Foundation” will become a registered non-profit and charity. It’s been a bit of a journey from organizing an annual walk with volunteers, and into gathering Board members to form a new group.
We are working on how we will help raise awareness about Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and how to overcome its challenges. When we will be done, trust me, it’ll be better than awesome!

I’ve had some rough times, getting hit by that minivan while cycling sucked, but I’m determined to make lemonade from lemons. And, it won’t simply be good, it’ll be better than awesome, by a whole lot. It’s the new year, so let’s see what my resolutions are.

Guess who was invited to be at the induction ceremony?
ME!  Yes, that's right, me.