I was e-chatting with my son, and learned something cool

I was chatting with my son, Connor, and learned something pretty awesome. He joined the Air Force, but told me about his interview, and what he shared blew me away.

He said that, in his interview, he was asked about his biggest challenge. He’s faced several, but what he said that he’d replied with stopped me.

He said “When I joined the military they asked for a difficult challenge I had to overcome, and I said when you got in a accident the father I knew before the accident was gone from his (your) memory to the point where for sometime you needed to relearn about your past through others.”

I’ve faced challenges, of that there’s no doubt, but I’d never thought of it impacting others, not even my family.

Smileys exist for a reason, and I’d like to use one, because I’m smiling, just thinking about it.

Harry may have hired me, Joe Zawadka got me started in the work-world

When I saw this comic, it brought me back to the day that I first started my first full-time job.  I was on contract, but while both Harry (Schlange, my direct manager), and Arnold (Johnston, my C-Level manager) showed me a whole lot about what upper-management can do, it was Joe (Zawadka) who really got me started.   My desk was kitty-corner to his.   Yes, I knew what a mouse was, and didn’t talk into it, but what he showed/taught me about group dynamics, from the basics of receiving a purchase requisition up, issuing a purchase order, and any/all follow up was more awesome than words can describe.   It was an excellent trade-off, what I’d received business knowledge-wise I reciprocated with tech-knowledge about computers, and helped with any/all challenges.