Driverless Ubers, cool, but a Tesla??

This entry doesn't immediately seem to fit into this blog, because what it's about doesn't immediately fit with what this story is about. But, it is. Why? Because what I'm about is the minimizing the differences between myself, and someone who hasn't suffered an injury that's rendered them unable to drive. Put it this way, with what Elon is thinking, while the notion of my being able get into a Tesla is highly-unlikely (simply because of cost), the concept of taking one alone is impossible. However, with what he's proposing, not only will riding in one be possible, but doing so alone.
Teslas, are cooler than pretty much anything, of that there's no doubt, but they're not cheap! But, as with everything, while the price starts high, as skills/production/everything else improves, the cost to make will reduce.
Visionaries don't see the cost of making things, nor do they worry about "little things" that would get in the way, because all they see is the result.
Everything that's designed follows a 3-step process of questions, which is "what do we need?", followed by "how do we do it". At the centre is why it's being thought of. Nearly every invention follows the process, starting at the outside, and working in. Steve Jobs, who invented the Mac computers, followed it, but reversed the order. He thought of why what he's inventing is needed. He solved it, and worked out.
Elon Musk is a visionary, of that there's no doubt, because he's making going to space more of a common-thing, and now he's announced that he'll be into making self-driving taxis.
I'm looking at my computer, the where I store my info for backup, and this will show more of what I just said.
Everything that's somewhat standard now was "holy cow, that's awesome!!" when it was first launched, and cost a fortune. In a long time, cars like this will likely simply be "just a car", and the fact that it's driverless, and a taxi, won't be anything weird.

If you want something, focus on making it happen

A while ago, like 4 or 5 years, I simply couldn't have a conversation at a dinner party with someone, because of the ambient noise, other people talking, and everything else that would distract me made it impossible. It was impossible because I couldn't focus on what they were saying, such that while I heard the noise they were making, I simply couldn't "assemble" it into a full-thought. However, how it made me feel made me determined to overcome. I know that "they" say that that's something that's either impossible, or too difficult to want to start.
I started with Soldiers of Fitness ten years ago, it ingrained in me the notion that quitting isn't an option, and that I'm to go all the way, and then some. The concept of not succeeding wasn't something that I thought possible, and I was determined to succeed. I didn't get any pro-help, because I figured that they'd simply tell me that it's impossible, and I shouldn't even try.
I'm listening to radio now, not music but hosted (KISS FM). It's a show where the hosts would come on, tell stories, "talk" to me, and I'd hear what they say, while doing something else.