My awesome goal


I’ve given myself a goal, and that’s to write in here every month, twice. I’m going to try to publish on the 1st and the 15th of the month, because I’ll have been working on it (likely a lot, before), and all that’s needed is to click “go”.

However, until I get going, I honestly don’t know what people would want to read. Then again, I’ve heard that it’s not what people would want read that I should write, but what I want to say. Then, if people choose to read, it’s great, and if they don’t, it’s their loss.

However, I’m still faced with the challenge, because I’ve always been someone who had too much to say, but when faced with the need to think of something to type, I simply can’t!

But, I’ll write something, about brain injury in some way, to see if that gets the brain-juices flowing.

I’m posting this image, saying to fuel your passion, and with what you’ll read here, you’ll soon understand that this is mine. However, while what I’ll think of is what I think people would want hear, I’m not sure! Every post has a way for you to submit a response, and I’m asking you to!

The too-awesome owners of a Richmond-local business

The owners of CCs, the coffee shop that I go to,
own Tony's, a seasonal chip-wagon
I told the owners that I heard that their seasonal business was good, but it's not accessible - the only way in that I could see was the one step
Yesterday, Savannah (one of the owners), suggested that I go look again.
Holy awesome, never let it be said that the owners of a small-town shop don't know who they're customers are, especially their regulars!

Today will be awesome

Ok, I’ve been told that I over-use the word “awesome”. I’ve looked at my previous posts, and they’re right. I use it a lot. But, it’s with a good reason – because of my brain injury, I swing from very-high, to very-low, thinking of myself. The bad is bad, to the scare me in hindsight. But, I don’t see it, nor do I recognize it when it’s happening. After, when I’m in a better place, I look at myself, and sad. So, when I’m not down, I’m up, and I’m going to “push” myself to do good stuff, mostly on here! I’m working to make the website even more awesome than it is now, by building relationships with “real pros.” I built where this is now, with the awesome pics taken by Dan Ragall.


Where am I now? I’m working to make my blog more automated, by auto-publishing posts in the future. I’ve written 4 months now, but it was manual-posting. Today, I found a plugin to do it, and this is the first! I’ve scheduled it to post ahead, and we’ll see if it works!

Would you like to do the Race Weekend 2k on an Alinker?

Chances are good, that when you read that, you thought “what the heck is an Alinker??” Well, the Alinker is a three-wheeled walking bike designed to help people stay active, do what they love, and live life to the fullest.

Basically, what it does is enable the person using it to learn how to propel themselves forwards at a velocity comparable to an able-bodied person running, or faster.

This is me trying one, after the most-basic of training. Basically, I didn’t fall off, but I thought I might.

On Race Weekend, I’ll be with a whole group of Alinkers, up to 50 in total.

If you’d like information about the race, or to sign up, please click here!

If you’d like to join the distribution list, to receive all of the awesome news that’ll be released about it, please sign up here!

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