Drugs can help to heal…concussions??

Drugs are thought of to be able to cure just about anything, of that there’s no doubt, and they’re a god-send in a whole number of things.   However, when I read that “they” are investigating if there’s a drug that can be developed that can treat concussions, I paused.

Drugs can do many things, of that there’s no doubt, but the re-creation of damaged tissue isn’t something that drugs, or pretty much anything, can do.

A concussion is the result of a physical injury, where the brain is physically moved to hit one side of the skull, and then the other.  The damage is caused by, for the most part, structural impact to the head.

The basis of the pills is that they can prevent, or limit, the effects of the damage.  However, even after reading it, I don’t know how the drugs can seemingly “put back” what was damaged.