In/visible Disability – does it matter?

I’m disabled, of that there’s no doubt, because of my physical disability.  With the vast numbers of Acquired Brain Injuries out there, the fact that I’m visibly-disabled has its advantages.

I know people whose injuries are pretty much completely invisible.   While they may qualify for a parking pass, because as a result of their injury, they might forget where they’d parked, but if they’re alone, there’s no way that they’d use it.  If someone were to see them get out of their car, alone, when they’re parked in a disabled spot, chances are they’d get called names, and yelled at.  There’s nowhere, at any time, that anyone would say anything to me.  I drop something, and within a few seconds, someone will offer to get it.  I was in Wal-Mart recently, scooted to a long line, and the person in front asked me if I’d like to go ahead of them.  Granted if I did, it would be bad of me to take unfair advantage of them, but they offered.

If someone does something that you think wrong, or something like using a disability-spot, don’t get mad.  Ask them why they’re there.  If they have a reason, then say that you “see” their invisible disability.  If they don’t, then ask them to move.

Thanks to technology, not knowing about cars won’t matter much anymore

Thanks to technology what was once straightforward, like fixing your car, is beyond the norm for most people.  Everything is getting more complex, with high-tech means of doing what was once straightforward, that doing something  yourself isn’t the norm anymore.  But, while with the evolution of technology came the complication of what used to be simple, comes the the next evolution.  What was once simple, but made complex, has entered a whole new dimension.  With the evolution of Tesla, cars that were once simple, are now ultra-complex.  However, people don’t think that they could fix it, because they never used to.  The change to ultra high tech has another plus, people don’t feel bad for not knowing how to fix it.

It’s official – LifeProof is the single most awesome company, ever

I’d had my Lifeproof case replaced, under warranty, about 4 months ago, because something snapped.  They took my info, and sent me a new one, for the cost of shipping (~$6).  Yesterday, I noticed that the cover for the switch had broken, meaning that it’s not waterproof anymore.  I called, and in about 15 minutes, a new one will be sent to me.  Absolutely no questions of how it happened, what I’d done, or anything like that.

I said “it’s broken”, to which she said “oh, I’m sorry – let me get some details, and a new one will be sent out to you!”   Sweet, to the max.