Harry may have hired me, Joe Zawadka got me started in the work-world

When I saw this comic, it brought me back to the day that I first started my first full-time job.  I was on contract, but while both Harry (Schlange, my direct manager), and Arnold (Johnston, my C-Level manager) showed me a whole lot about what upper-management can do, it was Joe (Zawadka) who really got me started.   My desk was kitty-corner to his.   Yes, I knew what a mouse was, and didn’t talk into it, but what he showed/taught me about group dynamics, from the basics of receiving a purchase requisition up, issuing a purchase order, and any/all follow up was more awesome than words can describe.   It was an excellent trade-off, what I’d received business knowledge-wise I reciprocated with tech-knowledge about computers, and helped with any/all challenges.

Being visibly disabled ain’t too bad, on the whole

Ok, it kinda sucks that we were hit, and I’m disabled.  But, on the whole, being visibly so has its advantages.  Take today.  I left Timmy’s, needed to cross the road to get on my way.  It was busy, a few cars in both directions.  About 2 seconds after I got to the stop sign, the first car on my left stopped.  The car in the other directions stopped, the guy smiled, and waved me across.

Yes,  not being as I was kinda sucks, but being visibly disabled has its advantages!

Let’s train for the walk!

The walk is just around the corner, but it’s still far enough away for you to get ready for it.  I’ve got my challenges, so it’s not as easy as it used to be, so I’ve got to train for it.  It’s hard, both because of my inability to easily do what I’d consider a minor distance, and the fact that I’ve got to focus my attention on what I’m doing, so that mistakes don’t happen.   I learned that the road around the house is sloped on the sides, so much so that my walking-quality was affected.   That’s another element of my injury that’s largely unknown.  It’s that unless where I’m walking is dead-flat, my walk-quality is affected.  Not significantly, but my right-foot heel will scuff the ground every step.  That’s another element that I’m required to pay attention to, which is to ensure that I lift my leg to ensure that it doesn’t hit the ground.

And, to ensure that I’m hydrated, I stopped for water!  Thanks to the awesome generosity of Tim Horton’s, there will be 300 water bottles at the walk!  Way cool!

What happened wasn’t great, but the lemonade from it ain’t bad

Yes, it sucks that we were hit, and that I’m permanently disabled, but the fact that I’m visibly disabled is a huge plus.

I was going to Wal-Mart from Staples, and had to cross a road.  There wasn’t a stop sign, or any cross walk, and I had to simply cross.  The cars were steady.  When there was a break from the left, I crossed half-way.  I was in the middle, with a lot of cars coming from the right.  The first car stopped, and the driver waved me over.  There were about 10 cars in line, the drivers of the first three after him waved, and the only reason that I didn’t see the others was that I couldn’t see that far.

Looking at the bright side, while getting run over was like being handed lemons, the lemonade that’s able to be made from them is pretty awesome.